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Smart Plastic Manufacture Advantages

a.   Quality is our first priotity

b.   Fast delivery, 30-40 days

c.    Customized development and production

d.   Competitive price

e.   Low MOQ request

 Above all, besides the unparalleled customer service, Smart Plastic also offers superior R&D team consist of graphic designers, advanced product engineers, senior quality controllers with lasted certified testing lab instruments and equipment to fulfill customer satisfaction of wants and needs.

Smart plastic Manufacture has been specializing in manufacturing a wide range of inflatable airbed, inflatable float, inflatable chair, sofa and electric air pump, with over 10 years of experiences producing air mattress, camping mat, inflatable floats, as well as water sporting goods and leisure inflatable productions, hand crafted from high quality and environmental friendly material.

No doubt Smart Plastic is your best choice and ideal place for a reliable long-term business partner and team player.


Traveling? Inflatable Air Mattress Beds for Car, SUV, Truck

Many people find a use for an inflatable air travel bed in their car or truck. Some are camping out or going on overnight fishing trips and want to sleep in their vehicle. When some people are going on long trips they will sleep in their vehicle rather than spend the money for expensive hotel rooms. Some find that it gives the children a place to s..
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Smart Air Bed Strength and Durability Test

The air chambers of Air Beds are tested to hold up to 1700 pounds each. New Oval beam construction of the air chamber is the strongest and the most durable ones available. To demonstrate exactly how strong, we drove a truck onto one of our air chambers. Even with the front wheel of the car resting on it, the air chamber maintains integrity an..
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